Saturday, May 23, 2009

TriDermaMD Baby - Review

I was recently given the opportunity to try out some skin products from TriDermaMD and Hill Dermaceuticals.

From the TriDerma website:

"Triderma MD® Therapeutic Skin Products quickly heal your damaged skin. By
combining highly effective ingredients with our superior AP4 Genuine Virgin
Aloe, we've created maximum healing for even the toughest skin irritations. All
without the use of cortisone or other damaging drugs."

I was sent samples for five different products: All-Purpose Aloe Healing & Cleansing Gel, Intense Fast Healing, Facial Redness Repair, Severe Diaper Rash Fast Healing Cream, and DriOff gel, and yes, I tried them all. Here's what I thought:

All-Purpose Aloe Healing & Cleansing Gel: My youngest has a continous diaper rash as of late, and this gel worked great to clean those sticky poops (you know the ones) without hurting her little tushie. She actually stayed still during a diaper change!

Intense Fast Healing: Aforementioned baby girl also took a little tumble off our patio, scraping the back of her leg on the concrete in the process. I put this on her abrasion for several days and it healed quickly without scabbing or scarring. I also used it on myself, after burning my forearm on an oven rack, and I can't even tell where the burn was anymore! As accident-prone as it seems we are, maybe I should invest in a lot of this stuff!!

Facial Redness Repair: Being a fair-skinned gal, it doesn't take much to make my face pink - and although I love a good facial scrub, I was reserved to doing them at night because my face would stay pink/red for hours! I used this one morning after a scrub and it did reduce the redness that I normally see. While it didn't completely disappear for an hour or so, I didn't look like I'd just run a marathon in 100 degree heat!

Severe Diaper Rash Fast Healing Cream: I was very excited to try this product on my daughter's little tushie since her diaper rash is so persistent. It reduced the redness greatly with consistent use, but didn't work as well on the raised rash as my usual diaper ointment. It doesn't really have a scent, which is nice as my usual diaper ointment has a strong medicinal smell. Now, I use it on my older daughter who sometimes gets a little irritated from the combination of the not-so-great wiping skills of a four-year old and her insistence on wearing things that are too small for her. It works like a charm!

DriOff gel: This was a little extra product sent to me to try since I live in a state that's pretty hot most of the year. I tried it in two different scenarios - working out and church. Now, I know you're all wondering why I would sweat in church, but let me explain. I wear some killer heels in church when I sing in the choir, and when my feet sweat, it's hard walking in them. I put some of this on the soles of my feet, and it worked! No more slipping out of my shoes when I'm climbing the risers! At the gym, I tried it on my forehead and on my inner thighs as those tend to be my sweat regions when I run. I did still drip from my hairline, but my forehead stayed fairly sweat-free. I also noticed less chafing on my thighs from sweaty skin, so it looks like a pretty cool product. Next up... must try it on the sweat mustache I get when I blow-dry my hair in the morning!!

Seeing as your skin is the largest organ of your body and its primary defense against infectious disease, it makes sense that you'd want to keep it as healthy and intact as possible. Since I work in healthcare, it is even more imperative that my skin is healthy when dealing with patients.

I tried it - now it's your turn!

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Anissa said...

Great Review! I have never heard of them before.