Thursday, July 30, 2009

Etsy Eye Candy - 7.30.09

Big Sis had her last day of swim lessons today and since she did so well... I think she's earned her tail! I love this mermaid tail towel from Etsy seller tinygreenapples.

photo credit: tinygreenapples

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Precious Girls Club - Review and Giveaway!

Thanks to MomSelect, I was given the opportunity to review Operation Kindness, a new book from the Precious Girls Club collection.

Like many moms these days, I'm worried about the way the world will affect the lives of my children, and although I can't shelter them forever, I can arm them with values and morals to help them make the best decisions in difficult situations. This is the exact premise upon which the Precious Girls Club book series is based.

"An all new book series for girls that revolves around the life of Katie Bennett and a diverse group of her friends. Through the experiences of Katie and her friends, wholesome values are reinforced in a fun and engaging way. Their world is brought to life bot only by books, but also through a state-of-the-art virtual world, and exciting retail product offerings. In a world where little girls are growing up too fast, Precious Moments is happy to introduce Precious Girls Club. More than a club, it's a way of thinking and being; a safe place for young girls to discover how wonderful it is to be precious."

The book Operation Kindness is about Katie and her friends' mission to bring cheer to the sick children in Shine Community Hospital and realize along the way the right reasons for doing kinds things for other people. While this story is a little advanced for my daughters' attention span right now, they enjoyed the story and I think, eventually, will understand the message it sends. It was refreshing, as a mom, to read a faith-based story to my children that was engaging. I look forward to continuing this series and reading the entire collection to my children in the future.

The virtual world where Katie resides provides safe online entertainment for your children; my daughter loved picking out her avatar's clothing and walking her around the community of Shine. Parents, you can even set up your own online value points system to reward your child for demonstrating the Precious Girls values!

And now... the best part! A giveaway!

The lucky winner will receive their own copy of Operation Kindness, complete with web access code allowing your child entry into the Precious Girls virtual world. In addition to that, you will receive a plush puppy for your child to snuggle while you read the story together!

*** For entry into the giveaway, just visit the Precious Girls Club website and post a comment about your favorite part of the site. Good luck!!
*** Contest ends August 3rd, 2009 at midnight, CST.

Gentlemen, start your sewing machines!

I've been on a craft kick since eyeing those adorable card table playhouses this weekend... I turned to my old friend, Google, and found this tutorial from Sew Much Ado. So, yeah, I'm now in the process of attempting to make my own playhouse, rather than spending a Ben Franklin for one.
Rather than buy fabric, I decided to use curtains so I wouldn't have to sew a hem - I found a great green chino set on sale *holla!* at WalMart. I've cut the side pieces already and plan on using some leftover stash pink chenille for the "roof". I'm in need of a craft shopping trip to get some fusible web, clear vinyl, and binding tape so I can complete each panel before sewing them together. (Plan that for tomorrow...)
I also made a Circle Skirt this weekend for *gasp!* myself from some gorgeous Amy Butler fabric - all it needs is a little elastic and I'll be ready for my close-up! I hope to also do this tomorrow and post pics for you guys. I'm thinking I might try my hand at this great little coat for the winter - sassy! (And seeing as this summer has no end in sight, I'll have plenty of time to make it.)
Things are looking up around here!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Etsy Eye Candy - 7.25.09

Oh my goodness. I think I just found my favorite. Etsy. Item. Ever. How cute is this?! This is from Etsy seller missprettypretty. It's a card table playhouse - you slip this over a card table, and let your little ones have a great time. Brilliant.
Look at the house number and little mailbox on this one!

I just can't get over these - you have to check them out. There's also a train, farm, firetruck, cupcakery, grocery store, post office, even paper dolls you can dress!!
I am in love.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

She's got the Botox

I am watching an episode of She's Got the Look and can't take my eyes off the wrinkle-free, no-expression-other-than-wide-eyed women! Seriously. Is it such a crime to age and allow your face to show signs of, um, life? I know genetics are a huge part of these gals' beauty (and they are gorgeous) but there is no way that they don't have any laugh lines or frown lines when they're in their upper 30s and 40s.
What's even funnier is that the commercials airing are for Joan Rivers' new show - hmmm. Maybe it's a forecast of what is in store for the She's Got the Look models.

Oh - and thank goodness Shelly is gone. She is psycho.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


It has been a crazy couple of weeks.

My job is going through some serious transition right now and it is so crazy, worrisome, scary, exciting, and frustrating that I find my mind in a crumbled mess at the end of the workday. To say it's stressful is definitely the understatement of the year.

Big Sis is a four year old roller-coaster. When she is up, she is very up and out of control, and when she is down, she is very down and out of control. The tantrums and the drama are sometimes enough to outweigh the sweetness and the all-encompassing way she experiences her everyday surroundings. Sleeping is an issue, as is her sassy little mouth, which is coming very close to experiencing its first taste of a bar of soap, if you know what I mean. *sigh*

It's all taking its toll on me, as well, making me crave the comforts and security of home and baked goods...

Mmmmm... banana blueberry bread. I feel better already.

I've also found comfort in an old flame...

Hello, friend. I've missed you.

Now, don't be impressed yet. This is one of my unfinished objects from, oh, four years ago that I picked up and started working on again. Amazingly, my fingers remembered how to work the knit stitches, the yarn overs, and the purls. They were not so fond of the crappy aluminum needles they were holding, so I expect there will be a trip to the yarn store this weekend for some wooden needles to make this a more enjoyable experience

Rekindling this flame has had me searching for knitting patterns and yarns in the little spare time I have. I'm really wanting to make this:

Aestlight Shawl by The Shetland Trader

I love the one that the Lady Knits made in orange and blue.

And lookie what I found on etsy from fuzzybunnyfibers...

This could be the start of something very good.

Wordless Wednesday - 7.22.09

*sigh* Is there anything sweeter than little girls and puppies?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Esty Eye Candy - my own!

Up in the etsy shop... more felt cookies!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Prayers Needed for Kate

If you haven't heard Kate's story, please watch this.

Prayer warriors - your words are needed more than ever.

Don't Make Me Open up a Can!

I felt it today.

That first parental moment when you want to beat up another kid in defense of your own.

Ever feel that way?

I went to the gym this evening to try and take some of the jiggle out of my wiggle, and I took the girls to their daycare. Big Sis had found some bird feathers on the the sidewalk on the way in, so she was proudly sharing them with all her little friends saying, "Look guys! You want to see the bird fedders?!" She was so genuinely excited to show them all.

Then he came along.

You know, the picker-onner.

"It's feathers. Feeeaaattthhh-ers. Bird Feeeaaattthhhers. Not fedders."

Oh no he didn't.

Immediately, my innate can of maternal whoop-ass kicked in. I couldn't believe he was picking on my sweet little 4 year old (seriously - pick on someone your own age!) for not being able to pronounce something. It made me so sad - and then just pissed off.

Come on shorty. You wanna piece of me?

*Sigh* I'm so not ready for this. I'm not ready for the world to crush the happy, confident world of my daughters. I'm not ready for my children to be the butt of someone's joke or left out at playtime. I'm not ready for the not-so-fun parts of them growing up. I remember them so well... and wish it weren't an inevitable part of growing up.

My hope is that I can raise them and teach them that they are strong, smart, beautiful, loving girls and that the people that try to take that away are the ones that don't matter. So when persons like that little boy make their comments, they'll go in one ear and out the other... and those people will go away, realizing their words aren't having an effect.

And if they don't go away...

Mama's gonna be whoopin' some ass.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

What a Week

This week has been something else. The facility where I work was signed off to merge with a similar facility (I'm being vague on purpose as I don't usually mention work here...), so emotions were high, tension was at a peak, and fear of the unknown makes normally sane people a little crazy (myself included).

Then yesterday, my grandmother passed away after a struggle with Alzheimer's at the end of her life. I'll be taking the girls to the funeral and I don't know if I'm quite prepared for the questions that will ensue. Big Sis has a good grasp on the concept of death but thus far has only been exposed to the loss of a pet. She's never experienced a person dying, and I'm not sure how I'll talk to her about it. I guess I'll be as honest and forthcoming as I can without scaring her. Lil Sis, I don't think she'll quite get it. She'll probably just think that Grandma's sleeping... which in a way, I guess she is; she's enjoying eternal rest.

And finally, she's free.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I need another hobby like a hole in my head...

but man, am I feeling the itch to start doing things like...


and this

and this

I know... I'm already sucked into the world of sewing, but I am really wanting to tackle my first quilt. Yikes. Any of you out there care to join me in this venture? I'm not sure I can do it alone!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - 7.08.09

Gotta love summertime.

**Be patient with the lack of posts. There are some major changes going on at my J-O-B and my mind is scattered at the end of the day (could be the wine...)

My Girl Likes the Twirl

Big Sis loves wearing skirts... but not just any skirt. It has to twirl. Seriously - I have tons of cute skirts she won't wear because they're not "twirly enough". Luckily, I discovered the Girly Skirt Pattern from Pink Fig Patterns. Now that I've made several of these, I can whip them up pretty quick.

I made this one this weekend for K, and she loves it. The twirl, the wild colors - they're very her. Not too shabby for Wal-Mart fabric!

Now to make one for Lil Sis!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Etsy Eye Candy - 7.1.09

I have been missing knitting lately, so it's no wonder my Etsy perusing has been for handknits! Here is an adorable shrug that I know I can make, but just want to have anyway!!

This is the Orange Romantic Shrug from Etsy seller trendyknitting. I love the orange, love the scalloped sleeve, and the yellow flower? To die for!

*sigh* Must. Save. Money. For. This. Sweater.

Wordless Wednesday - 7.1.09

This is one of the calves from the Jersey Barnyard this weekend. I love his look of "Someone save me from these kiddos!" as the little ones stand behind him...