Sunday, June 28, 2009


We came by to see you today,
but you were not there.
Your eyes were closed,
your breathing low,
as if you hadn't a care.

The strong woman I remember,
the one I know well,
is trapped inside,
by this weakening shell.

I wish you could've met my girls,
remembered who we are.
But you were sleeping,
my sister weeping,
for though close, you seemed so far.

This isn't how I'll remember you
when I think of you someday.
But one who was strong
and brought us along
as you toiled the day away.

Your peanut brittle, maple cookies
and, oh, your famous sweet rice.
And I'll never let
anyone forget
how you served fresh milk with ice.

I know your body's tired
and your soul is far away.
No doubt we'll cry,
but we'll get by,
knowing you'll be you again someday.

So goodbye for now Delores,
don't mind the tears we wept.
We couldn't bear
that you were there,
knowing the real you has already left.


Aunt TT said...

How beautiful...

Anonymous said...

Rhonda, this is beautiful. Wendy