Saturday, June 13, 2009

Toon of a Kind

I'm sitting at my breakfast table, enjoying a cup of coffee as my dh and Big Sis sit on the couch, watching cartoons. This scene is not an unusual one for a Saturday morning with my kiddos, but I find it interesting that there is such a difference between the cartoons I pick versus my dh.

When it's my choice... I am usually tuned in to Dora, Diego, the Backyardigans, Ni Hao KaiLan, or the Charlie and Lola. Sweet cartoons with no violence, silly songs, and usually some sort of learning experience. *sigh*

Today - it's not my choice, and Big Sis is snuggled up on the couch, just the same, watching Wolverine. It's not unusual to seem them watch Batman, Ben 10, or Spongebob. (I won't comment on the Spongebob.) The funny thing about today? They're both so into the show, laughing at the same parts, staring intently to see what will happen next.

Guess we'll chalk this one up for Team Daddy.


Banteringblonde said...

ugh I hate Spongebob.... my kids love it but I don't really let them watch it. They see it at a friends house and always come home bragging about it. I'm a deigo gal myself! ;)

Jennifer said...

Try Phineas and Ferb. Everyone at our house loves it.