Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Don't Make Me Open up a Can!

I felt it today.

That first parental moment when you want to beat up another kid in defense of your own.

Ever feel that way?

I went to the gym this evening to try and take some of the jiggle out of my wiggle, and I took the girls to their daycare. Big Sis had found some bird feathers on the the sidewalk on the way in, so she was proudly sharing them with all her little friends saying, "Look guys! You want to see the bird fedders?!" She was so genuinely excited to show them all.

Then he came along.

You know, the picker-onner.

"It's feathers. Feeeaaattthhh-ers. Bird Feeeaaattthhhers. Not fedders."

Oh no he didn't.

Immediately, my innate can of maternal whoop-ass kicked in. I couldn't believe he was picking on my sweet little 4 year old (seriously - pick on someone your own age!) for not being able to pronounce something. It made me so sad - and then just pissed off.

Come on shorty. You wanna piece of me?

*Sigh* I'm so not ready for this. I'm not ready for the world to crush the happy, confident world of my daughters. I'm not ready for my children to be the butt of someone's joke or left out at playtime. I'm not ready for the not-so-fun parts of them growing up. I remember them so well... and wish it weren't an inevitable part of growing up.

My hope is that I can raise them and teach them that they are strong, smart, beautiful, loving girls and that the people that try to take that away are the ones that don't matter. So when persons like that little boy make their comments, they'll go in one ear and out the other... and those people will go away, realizing their words aren't having an effect.

And if they don't go away...

Mama's gonna be whoopin' some ass.

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Kim said...

Omgsh, my daughter is 17 and I remember feeling like that so many times, and yes, all the way back to daycare! There's a scene in "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle" where the crazy nanny goes to the schoolyard to handle one of the brats that's been harassing the little girl she babysits. I have felt that way SO many times lol. That's a normal part of mommyhood, so don't feel weird. As far as the world crushing your children's innocent way of seeing things, it sucks for sure. It's amazing how cruel kids can be. I say get the girls into karate - nobody wants to mess with the cute girl that has a black belt!! lol good luck :)