Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fit Me Baby One More Time!

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned to a friend at work that I was thinking about downloading some ole' school Britney Spears (you know, before she went cuh-razy) for Big Sis cause she loves the Circus song that's playing right now on the radio. She told me not to, that she had some CDs she was about to get rid of once she put the music on her iPod, sooo...

She hooked me up with three CDs:
As soon as I hit play, Big Sis was bopping her head around, giggling, as if she had just heard the best music ever. Of course, "Hit Me Baby, One More Time" ranks pretty darn close to the best song ever if you're a four year old, or even if you're a thirty-one year old who grew up with B Spears and remembers the video from VH-1 (cause we didn't have MTV where I grew up, yo).
I digress.
So after she scolds me a couple of times for singing along and tells me to turn it up louder, Big Sis starts singing along "Hit me baby, one more time"... enjoying the crap out of herself. It was great. And when the song ended, she followed with a quick "Again!" Being the fabulous mother that I am, I obliged.
As we arrived home and I pulled into the garage, she begged me to not turn off the car yet cause she wanted to finish the song - I said okay as the song was almost finished, and we all started singing along. Even daddy joined in - now that's a hot man, singing Britney Spears for his little girl. Mmm.
I digress again.

The song ended and Big Sis pleaded "Just one more, puhleeeeeaassee!". I told her she could listen to just a little bit and then we'd go inside... she agreed, so I let the CD continue to the second song, "You Drive Me Crazy". She was wild with glee again, giggling and dancing in her carseat.

And then I turned it off.

Oh. My. Lawd.

What ensued was the biggest, blubbering, crying, whining, hitting, screaming, doggone fit I have ever seen. Huge crocodile tears streamed down her face as she begged me to turn the music back on and let her listen some more. She kicked at me when I tried to remove her from the carseat, as if wanted to have a sit-in protest until she was again allowed to hear Britney. It was awful. Hilarious, but awful. The girl didn't calm down until I told her I'd put some of the music on my old music player so she could listen whenever she wanted.

And as we turned off the lights to go to bed, from her room we could still hear her singing... "hit me baby, one more time..."

Britney, girl, you still got it.


Anissa said...

My little ones loves music-- especially when you get up and sing and dance with him. To sweet! TFS

Aunt TT said...

TT has a CD player ready for use...and it's Dora. I'll bring it this weekend :)

Jennifer said...

I bet that is exactly how Britney acts.....