Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Don't call me white.

Or pale.
Or whitey.
Or powder.

Yes, I have been pale before, like when I had strep about a month ago and was so sick I passed out on the bathroom floor or that one night in college when I drank WAAAAYY too much.

Ok, so maybe that was more green than pale, but whatever.

And whitey? Please - what is this, fourth grade?
Powder - now that's a good one. Really. Glad you could give me your best line.

It's FAIR, people. I have fair skin.

You know... like fair maiden?
Or my fair lady?

I feel better now.


Jennifer said...

How about ivory, pearl, luminescent.....

KERaven said...

I'm possibly more fair than you -- or don't know too many people who I don't beat :) I whole-heartedly agree with not "pale". Fair, yes.

I've been going to the same nail place for 4 years now; all the women are Thai. The other day one of them said to me, "you know, in our country, everyone wants skin like yours. many people use cream to try to be your color". It was the best compliment I've ever gotten!