Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Afternoon Delight - Interrupted

My kiddos' naptime is usually when I try to get tasks accomplished that I can't while they're awake. This weekend, as soon as they were in their beds and quiet, I set off to make a batch of brownies for a party I was having that evening. While I melted the butter and measured ingredients, my mind reeled with thoughts of sweeping, picking up, folding laundry...

My dh takes advantage of naptime as well... peeking out the bedroom and raising his eyebrows at me while I cracked the egg.


I decided to abandon the brownies for the time-being and oblige my dh, when from the mouth of a certain four-year old we hear "I NEED TO GO POTTY!!!", quickly followed by "I POOPED ON THE POTTY!! HELP ME WIPE!"

Nothing like life to kill the mood...


Jennifer said...

Oh girl... tell me about it.

Anissa said...

That was to funny!
I know what you mean.