Friday, May 15, 2009


Last night, while taking my first bite of a hamburger that was fresh off the grill, I felt a stabbing pain down the back of my throat. It was pretty painful to say the least. Dh's a hunter so, naturally, we were eating hamburgers made from last season's deer meat. Seeing as my man and his friends do their own meat-processing, I felt the need to ask this question:

Me: "Is it possible there were bones in the meat?"

Dh: "No way! Deer bones would be too big!"

Me: "Well, something scraped my throat and feel like it's stuck in there."

Dh: (eyes wide) "Oh no..."

Me: "Oh no? What do you mean oh no?"

Dh: "Well, I was cleaning the grill before I cooked the burgers and some of the wire bristles came off the brush. I thought I got 'em all."

Me: "Wire bristles?! So you're telling me I have a piece of a grill brush in my throat?!"

Dh: "At least it was you and not the kids."

Thanks, honey. No, really. Thank you.

After an eventful morning visiting my doctor, getting x-rays, re-telling my tale to a million people, getting an esophagoscopy by the ENT...

No wire bristle in sight. Whew.

And how is your Friday going?!


Anissa said...

OMG -- What was it? Glad you are ok.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Rhonda. You should eat my hamburgers like you eat fish...very carefully. Watch out for the bones and pieces of wire brush. Love You!

Jennifer said...

Hope it comes out easier than it went in.