Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bedtime Routine, Take Two

My youngest daughter recently developed a liking for getting out of her bed when it was time to sleep. Naptime, nighttime; she didn't discriminate. She'd get out just the same. After many trips taking her back to her bed, telling her to stay there, and walking away (Hey, I've watched Supernanny do it and it always works!)... I'd still end up hearing the door crack as she made her escape.
One night, after about twenty attempts, dh finally decided it was time for an intervention - he took the doorknob off the door!
No, I'm not kidding.
Turns out, it worked. She stays in bed now and doesn't fuss, knowing it won't do her any good to try and leave her room. Apparently though, our little bedtime routine adaptation became engrained in her little mind. The other night I watched as she put her baby doll down for nigh-nigh in her new doll pack-n-play.

Lil Sis: (holding baby on her shoulder and patting her back)
"Nigh-nigh baby, nigh-nigh baby, see you in mohnin'... say n beh."
(lays baby in the playpen)

I wasn't really sure what she was saying at the end there until she repeated this routine three or four more times. Then it hit me.
Say n beh = Stay in bed!
I nearly hit the floor laughing when I realized she was repeating the words she'd heard her mommy say so many times since her bed-escape habits began. When I'd put her to bed, I'd sing her our night-night song and then whisper to her to stay in bed before laying her down.
At least I know I've got one that listens to me!


Jennifer said...

I think it is so sweet when they repeat things that we've taught them. Except when it is "Not right now Baby Girl. I don't have time. I have to go to work."

Oh yes. It happened. And my heart crumbled into a million pieces.

Anonymous said...

That is too sweet. Nora's is "Now don't make me late!" when we were playing one day and she was the mom. Wendy