Monday, January 4, 2010


noc tur nal (nk-tûrnl)
1. Occurring at night.
2. Most active at night. Many animals, such as owls and bats, are nocturnal.

Right now, my oldest child is screaming and crying cause daddy just took away the last of her stuffed bedmates since she won't stay in bed, a routine we go through each and every night and one that is becoming most annoying...

"I need to go potty!"

"I need to go potty again!"

"Daddy, I want another animal!"

"Daddy, I'm scared. Give me an animal right now!"

"Daddy, I'm gonna get out of my bed!!"


Teddy Bear, the nocturnal hamster is running away on his little wheel, quiet and content as could be.

Do they make exercise wheels for four-year olds?

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Anonymous said...

Thankyou. Believe it or not, sometimes it feels good to see someone else go through bedtime hell! I just got my baby girl (not so baby, even though she decided 1 hour ago that tomorrow she´s going back into her kindergarden classroom instead of her "big girl" classroom, just because she said so. Her almost exact words, cause she said it in spanish, were "I like being a baby better. I´m gonna be a baby again, now.")to sleep after trying everything in my book. Right after that, I read this. Oddly refreshing! Thanks again! Clau