Saturday, January 9, 2010


Happy Saturday everyone!

It is sooo cold outside - 13 degrees. In Texas. I don't even know how to function in that kind of cold! Nevertheless, I'll be venturing out with the chickies this morning for a playdate at McDonald's, gymnastics class, and a trip to the gym for me! (Resolutions, you know...) If the girls are cooperative after that point, I'm thinking of making a Goodwill run, since it's conveniently located next to a certain chicken place that makes crazy-good waffle fries. Ahem. I mean fruit salads.

I'm hoping to get in some sewing time today, as my mind is filled with new ideas. I also have some pettiskirts to finish and need to whip up some cookies and valentine aprons for the Etsy shop. Oh yeah, and there are certain decorations that I need to put away this weekend too. Yikes!

On a completely different note... prayers are needed. I've had an opportunity present itself for a new job and I have a very tough decision to make. I am praying for guidance that I take the right path for my family and my future.

That said... I'm eyeing the brownies I made last night. Breakfast, perhaps?!

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