Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stitchin' the Ditch

It's been interesting sewing lately, as I'm accomplishing some sewing tasks I never had to tackle before.  First up, pockets.  I wrinkled my brow as I read the instructions, wondering just how the heck this was going to work...  Well, it did work and now my dress has inset pockets!

I haven't pressed the seams yet so they're a little wonky... but they work!

Another newbie for me is something called "stitching in the ditch".  Imagine reading this one for the first time - I was like... "You want me to stitch the wha?"!  Turns out, it's just sewing in the seam you've already created, as in the bias neckline binding of my dress. 

It also turns out that I, so far, suck at this stiching in the ditch thing (or pinning the binding far enough thing...), so I had to go back and add an additional stich line to be certain I had a good interior seam.  It still turned out pretty good...

Thank goodness for coordinating thread, right?

Next up... sleeves.

Make that technique numero three that I've never attempted.  Oy.

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Jennifer said...

I hate sleeves. Mine always gather in the wrong place. I love it when I read something and think, "now how is that going to work," and then I do it and I'm like, cool!