Monday, June 28, 2010

Fabulous Snow White Dress at Crafterhours

I'm staying home today... secondary to one little chickie with a fever and what appears to be strep throat.  The girls are still sleeping so I'm drinking some coffee and catching up on blogs (I'd be sewing but my P.O.S. WalMart Singer clacks so loud it'd wake them up!), and I came across this fabulous creation:

Snow White - Crafterhours

She is so winning Mom of the Year. 

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crafterhours said...

Thanks Rhonda, you are too sweet. If I'm winning "mom of the year" from anybody, it's you, because my daughter has only been talking about "sleeping beauty" since I finished that dress! I'm going to make her wait for it though, just so she doesn't think life is that easy!

I'm glad I found your blog - I love how you keep it real. I especially relate to your recent post about blogging about life, not living to blog! It can be very hard to keep up with other craft blogs, but I'm coming to terms with only posting one good thing a week and not feeling the pressure to make it something totally original either!