Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reduce, Reuse, Recover

Spurred by the nearing arrival of Spring... I've decided to freshen up my breakfast nook with a little new artwork, purchased on - of course - Etsy!

Whilst waiting for the arrival of my new wall decor and pondering just where to hang them, something caught my eye: the seat cushions at my breakfast table, and all their nastiness.  (Is that even a word?)  Two little people in my home have dripped everything imaginable on my $9.99 Wal*Mart cushions, and many washings later, they are worse for the wear.

So, I went shopping for new ones.

And I found them...

For $25 a pop!


While regaining consciousness, I could hear an angel, in the form of my husband, speaking... "Can't you just make some of these?"

Why.  Yes.  I.  Can!

Sooo... I've decided to repurpose the existing cushions, using the old cover as a template for the new fabric (treated heavily with Scotchgard).  The problem is, I can't decide which gorgeous fabric to use!  Here are some of my faves:  (all images from Fat Quarter Shop)

Decisions, decisions!  Can you help me choose, by telling me your favorite(s)?

Also in the works... another slipcover for my breakfast table, as the previous one had to be retired secondary to shrinkage *cough* (didn't prewash) *cough* problems.  I'm thinking I might make something I can sumbit to Disney's Ruffle Your Stuff contest over at Ruffles and Stuff!  Check out the laundry list of fabulous prizes she'll be giving to the winners!


Anonymous said...

I like the top fabric. Joshua

Aunt TT said...

I like the bottom pattern...

Brittany said...

I'll complicate matters - the first and the last are my faves. I also love the second one. Hard decision....