Monday, March 22, 2010

Tutorial Interrupted...

Have you ever been working on a project that you've had in your mind for a while, the plans drawn out so carefully so as to make it into a tutorial and then whilst sewing said project, realized you could've done this a whole lot easier?!


I hate it when that happens.

I've had an idea in my head for a few weeks, since making a weekend visit for a oil change.  While there, I picked up one of those little plastic trash bags for the car, you know the ones that fit onto your lighter or your A/V outlet?  Anyhoo, I realized how handy that little booger was for all those pieces of trash that accumulate in my truck.  The gum wrappers... the snot hankies... the half-chewed Jelly Bellies whose flavor was not a hit with the chickies... yeah. 

That little litter bag didn't last long, and it wasn't quite time for another oil change, so I decided to make my own.

Enter the aforementioned plans for tutorial.

And the finished product:
I used some leftover fabric from the apron I made my sister a couple of years ago and some PVC fabric I bought when I was in my cloth diaper phase as a liner in case of leakage... or sticky jelly beans.

Pardon the lack of auto action photos, but I wasn't crawling out in the truck at almost 11pm!  LOL!  I promise I'll deliver when I post the tutorial.

It turned out well, but like I said, I thought of a better way to make it while I was making it, and once those edges were serged, there was no turning back!! 

Stay tuned... and while you're at it, Follow Me, Would ya?!

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Anonymous said...

How cool!!! I think you should add those to your etsy store so I could buy one. Or two. :)
Hope to see you this weekend! If there's extra time, maybe the girls can come play with Brendan for awhile.