Wednesday, March 10, 2010

X is for...

Big Sis' preschool class has been working all year on their alphabet book.  Every week, she comes home with a piece of construction paper with the "letter of the week", and her homework is to find pictures of items beginning with that letter and glue them to the paper.

Okay, so technically we find the pictures... but she identifies what they are and glues them, alright?

I digress.

We've done really well up to this point, finding items that a five year-old can recognize.  And trust me, some letters just aren't that easy.  Take this week: X.


Not a lot of kindergarten-level words beginning with that letter.

So... dh found the ones that are in nearly every alphabet book around.

Xylophone.  (Score!)

X-Ray.  (Yeah!)

But wait!

He found another one she'd be sure to know.


I'm pretty sure that fish doesn't start with X.

Au contraire.


Love that man.

And in case you're wondering...

Yeah..... No.

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