Monday, December 7, 2009

Yikes... slow down December!

I can not believe we're already in the second week of December! Yes, my tree is up and decorated, but there is so much more to do...
1. Shopping (of which I've done nada, zero, zip, zilch)
2. Sewing (ditto on the aforementioned nothingness)
3. Socializing (which dessert did I say I'd bring?)
4. Stocking-making (one of these days we'll all have coordinating stockings!)

Yikes. I have so much to do and so very little time.
And just a quick survey of all you fabulous women... how much does your dh help you when it comes to Christmas? Does he help decorate? Does he remember to get stocking stuffers for St. Nick? Does he get gifts for the family? Does he prepare any food for the holidays get-togethers?
Just wondering. No reason.
Now where are those little elves?

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