Sunday, August 9, 2009


My sister has a great vintage collection of Fiesta dinnerware, and after living with my Target rooster plates for nearly six years, I've finally decided what I want to replace them with in my cabinets... yup, Fiesta!

I want to have multiple colors, and they're not cheap, so I figure I'll save up for a color at a time and eventually have a full set. The colors I want? Sunflower, Scarlet, Peacock, and Shamrock. Ack! I'm excited just blogging about it. And since I've successfully completed my Target fast - I'm ready to shop!!


Brittany said...

Three years later, I still can't decide what color I want. There are just too many fun colors to choose from. I keep thinking I should play it safe and go with the white, but I'm so drawn to ALL of those fabulous colors.

Anonymous said...

I always did like Fiesta Ware. I have quite a bit of vintage LuRay pretty, but hard to find these days!