Friday, August 14, 2009


Yesterday was my 32nd birthday. It's funny how strange the thirties decade is to me. I guess because so many milestones typically happen while you're in your twenties that you don't have time to let it sink in that you're getting older. Then all of a sudden, you're 30, and it's like whoa. Hold up here. When did that happen? When did I fall into that category that is addressed in magazines as the beginning of fighting the aging process and the time to start dressing like a grown up? When did I become so old?


Guess I should enjoy while I can. Otherwise, I'll be up and over the next hill - 40. At least I'm still on the 30 end of this decade!

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Jennifer said...

Shut.It. Just shut it. (says the woman turning 38 in a couple of weeks)