Monday, August 17, 2009


I've been watching my children this week and their response to recent changes in their childcare environment, and I am so amazed. Here are these little people whose lives and routines are being turned upside-down; new classrooms, new teachers, new friends... and they are adapting so easily.

Their mama, on the other hand, is facing a new employer, new boss (mine resigned last week), new co-workers... and I'm a wreck. My mind races from the second I get up in the morning until it finally poops out at the end of the day. My anxiety level is cuh-razy. I only wish I could mirror my daughters' way of taking things in stride and learn to embrace the excitement of new people, new opportunities, and new challenges as only a child can.

Thank goodness for moments like this to remind me how much fun learning new things can be:(from a girl who said "I don't wanna do ballet!! I wanna be a chee-leader!")

Maybe the best change in store for me is that of my perspective.


Peggy said...

Good luck with your new surroundings. Kids ARE so resilient aren't they? Much more so than we give them credit for.

Jennifer said...

Mine wanted to do cheerleading this year too, but they told her she was still too little, and that she would have to wait until next year. Don't you know she just took it all in stride.