Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mama Made a Brand New Bag

I've been slumping in the crafty department lately, consumed by late nights trying to get big sis to bed (thank you Mr. Spring Forward!), but I finally managed to crank this out...It's a new bag for my night owl (hmmmm... maybe I chose the wrong bird?) to take to pre-school. I used a pre-made canvas bag; you can find them at any craft store. I appliqued the birdie and added some embroidery and a button eye.
Then I added the final touch - a patchwork lining!

The fabric is all from Moda's Posh line by Chez Moi. To make it simple, I used pre-cut fabric from a charm pack. The charm pack includes 5" x 5" squares of coordinating fabric from the same collection of fabric (otherwise known as a fabric line). Charm packs include one of each of the prints, usually between 25-40 squares. There are other pre-cuts as well... and they make sewing so easy!

Fabulous designs? Check!

Coordinating fabrics? Check!

No need for cutting? Check!

So what is your crafty self waiting for? Get over there and check it our for yourself!

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