Monday, March 16, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things

And sometimes they really sting, don't they?
My oldest daughter is going through a phase, or so I hope, of being quite the sass to me, her mama: the one who gave up her taut belly for her, who stretched her vagina that far for her, who sacrificed her breasts to the stretch mark gods for her, who provides for her, who wipes her hiney for her, who makes that perfect blend of chocolate milk for her, who allows her to change outfits three times until she finds the perfect twirly skirt, who listens to the same Taylor Swift song over and over for her, who still wipes her hiney for her, who quickly takes the splinters out of her toes, who will have to spend thousands of dollars on her teeth cause she sucks her fingers... did I mention the part about hiney-wiping??
She told me she doesn't like me.
If there were ever five words that could come straight from a four year-old's mouth and pierce your heart like a dagger, it is these. "I don't like you, Mom."
Ugh. My heart sank to the bottom of my shoes when I heard it. Of course, she was just being a kid who was mad at her mama for not letting her do whatever was so important to her at the time, but man did it hurt! It made me question everything I did as a mother from the second she was born up until that point. It made me wonder... what did I do or not do? What did I say or not say? What am I doing wrong?
And in five minutes, she completely forgot she even said it, as she pranced around the backyard joyfully, yelling "Mom, watch this!"
But I haven't forgotten.
I am still sad.
And I am even more sad knowing that this is not the worst thing she'll ever say to me.
I know. I remember very well some of the things I told my mother as I was growing up and in that lovely teenage phase when I thought I knew it all.
And I wish every day I could take it all back...

One of these days, I hope my daughter feels the same.

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