Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hoover Floormate Hard-Floor Cleaner - The Answer to your Hard Flooring Prayers!

My husband and I built our home two years ago, before the birth of our second daughter, and knowing we were about to have two kiddos tearing up the house, opted to go with stained concrete flooring for the majority of the living areas. It was low cost, low maintenance, rustic, and would require no flooring removal should we decide one day to change it. It was perfect!
And it was back-breaking. I was used to having to sweep and mop only the kitchen, entry, and bathrooms in our previous home because the rest of the areas were carpeted. Now, I had to also sweep and mop the living room, office, dining room, dinette, and kitchen! First, I would run the dustmop over the flooring to pick up those new construction dust bunnies, then I'd sweep with a angled broom to get the corners and baseboards, and then I'd wet mop it all. Mmm-hmmm. Before I'd even get started on the mopping, my lower back was burning!

Then, my mother-in-law gave me this great housewarming gift: the Hoover Floormate Hard-Floor Cleaner. *Hall-le-lu-jah!* It pretty much does it all. There is a dry vacuum setting to pick up all the loose dirt and lost cheerios. Then, there is a wash cycle with scrubbing brushes to thoroughly clean the floor grime. Finally, you finish with a wet vacuum - it helps pull the dirty water back into the storage tank so your floors are dry faster! (A plus in my household, considering my oldest daughter, on more than one occasion, came flying around the corner out of her bedroom onto my freshly-mopped and slippery floors. Ouch!)

It's very easy to use. You simply remove the clean fluid tank and add water and your Floor Mate cleaning solution (measured in the handy locking cap). Pop the container back into the machine, plug in and turn on, and you're set to clean! During the wash cycle, there is a button release to allow the cleaning fluid to be dispersed onto your flooring area while the brushes scrub away so you can use more where you need it, less where you don't. Switch to the dry vacuum and watch the dirty water be pulled into the dirty tank - it also has a cleanable filter to catch the larger contents. When you're done, remove the clean and dirty tanks, rinse with clean water and allow to dry. Then, reassemble the unit, and tuck it away in your broom closet. Another plus? The handle folds down for easy storage.

Two years later, with now a 23 month old and a four year old, our floors still look fabulous (save for a mishap with a marker) and my back is no longer feeling the strain of floor upkeep. My Hoover Floormate? It's still wiping out the dust bunnies and juice spills like nobody's business! My Floormate, my love.

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