Friday, March 6, 2009

Letters to My Daughter: Volume Four


Here we are again, at another birthday.


That's like... halfway to adulthood already, or at least it feels that way. Somewhere along the past twelve months, you've turned into this grown-up girl all of a sudden. You've grown physically, shooting up so quickly this fall that all of your new pants became flood-worthy overnight. You're so tall (42 inches to be exact) that you could ride the rides at the fair all by yourself - a plus for me considering my history with motion sickness - and so tall that you've presented a new danger of sneezing: head trauma. Just the other day you were watching me get your morning beverage of choice (chocolate milk, of course) ready when you sneezed and BAM! Right onto the granite countertop. Ouch. I guess next year you'll be so tall you're at risk of knocking out your teeth - let's try to avoid that, okay?

You are such an extraordinary little girl. I know we say that all the time, but it is so true. You are more energetic, more enthusiastic, more fearless, more inquisitive, more everything than any other little kid we know. You find the biggest joy in the tiniest of things, and you give your all to anything that you do. Now, this isn't to say that this is always a good thing. Because you are always so excited about what you're doing, you wear yourself out and the aftermath that follows isn't pretty. And if you're in the middle of something and we tell you it's time to go... oh boy, do you let us know you're not happy. But that's okay, my little bug... because you're learning. This is all a part of you growing up into the phenomenal human being that you are!

You and your little sister are becoming quite the playmates now that she's a little older. You love to chase her around (and boss her around). You love to put on matching costumes and dance in the living room. You pull out every single blanket in the house to make pallets so you and your lil sis can lay down and watch a movie. You are so sweet to watch together. Unfortunately, things are not always so rosy. You're going through a phase right now where you MUST HAVE everything that she has - so even if you're both holding the exact same thing... you want hers, and of course - fighting ensues. You also both fight over your daddy, as you are both daddy's girls, and neither of you wants to share. Overall though, you get along okay considering you were the center of our world before your little sis came along and rocked that world. Trust me when I say this though... one of these days you will be each other's best friend. I'm a sister - I know these things.
You still have this incredible love for the outdoors - how many other four year old girls have a scorpion cupcake for their birthday? You are always finding some little bug or frog or snake or bird or lizard or moth or caterpillar or... some other creepy-crawly to pick up and inspect and carry around with you for a little while. We had a little lesson in spiders this past summer when you picked up a black widow (dead, thanks to our pest control man!) - let's try not to repeat that okay? Mommy can't take many more of those surprises.

I hope you always continue to feel safe and secure enough to test your boundaries, push the limits (and my buttons), explore your surroundings, and chase your dreams. I hope I am able to do my job correctly and always give you wings to fly while making sure you have roots to keep you grounded. I promise I will make certain you realize just how wonderful and smart and unique you are. All I ask of you is this: to continue to be the glorious little girl that came into my life four years ago.
You changed everything.
And everything was the better for it.
Love you to the moon and back, bug.

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