Sunday, February 14, 2010


So Big Sis had a big day yesterday... and although she doesn't officially turn five for a few more days, already she seems so much...
Eegads, she is a knockout.  We are in trouble in about ten years.

This year's chosen theme was "zoo animals", so these cupcakes fit the bill quite nicely.  The idea is one of many fantastic cupcakes from the book "Hello Cupcake!".  There are lions, and monkeys, and elephants.
Oh my.

They were a big hit... and delish, if I do say so myself, which is not a good thing when there are leftover cupcakes in the kitchen beckoning as we speak!

All of Big Sis' friends were there to join in the fun, including her bff above, both wearing their edible elephant ears.
Say that ten times really fast.
Edible Elephant Ears, edible elephant ears...
I digress.
  I've noticed a interesting phenomenon lately at the parties we've attended, and it proved itself yesterday as well.  Even as early as age five, the gender separation has already begun.  Only two little boys came to the party, but almost every girl was there.  Isn't that funny?
It doesn't appear to have been noticed by the birthday girl, who had a great time.
She added to the pile of things she just received for Christmas with all of the gifts she was given.  I have only two words to describe the state of my home since yesterday.
All in all, it was a fantastic day.  The weather cooperated and the sun shone for the first time in weeks.  The ground was dry enough to allow jumping, running, and cruising in the Barbie jeep.  We were able to spend the day with the people we love the most.

Jump Castle Rental:  $95
Decorations and Food:  $100
Watching your baby girl grow up before your eyes: *weep*

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Jennifer said...

We turned five in December. The change from pre-k kid to big kid happens really fast. Total change right before our eyes.