Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day One of the New Beginning

So yesterday, I left behind the place I've worked for the past, almost, six years...  It was hard, because I have a lot of memories attached to that phase of my career.  Namely, my children.  I took that job when I was 7 weeks pregnant with Big Sis, desperate to get out of working evenings in the ER.  Five and a half years and two gorgeous girls later, it's time to close that book and turn the page on something new.

But first - there's a birthday party to be had and cupcakes waiting to be turned into zoo animals.

Stay tuned for a recap.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Mmmmm. Cupcakes.

But I know what you mean. I had a job that I had loved, but knew it was time to leave and I had been there five years. It was hard. Some days (a lot of days) I still miss it, but I think that is because I haven't found the right place since then. Good luck with your new job.