Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat!

What a fun Halloween. It's much more fun now that both of the girls are old enough to enjoy dressing up and raking in the candy! G was an adorable little kitty cat and I dressed up as Lucille Ball - mainly because it was the only costume in the Halloween store that didn't look like it should be worn behind closed bedroom doors. Seriously.
I actually saw young teenage girls shopping the "Dreamgirl" costumes with their mothers. Not that they aren't cute little get-ups... but when you have to decide if your costume is "too slutty" versus simply being slutty at all, that should be a universal sign for all mothers everywhere to get out of that section!
I digress. Dh was his trusty standby, the rodeo clown - a last minute costume shopped at Goodwill, none the less. And K was a bobby sox dancer, but ditched her cateye glasses and added a cowgirl hat once she saw her daddy. *sigh* Whatever makes her happy, right?
Here's to many more Happy Halloweens with my little "ghouls"!


Jennifer said...

Very cute, cowboy hat and all.

Tana said...

All of you look great & like you were going to have tons of fun!!! Hope so anyway!!! How is everything in your world??? Miss you!!!