Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Two Cent Tuesday - Swine Flu, Schmine Flu

I have just been informed that all area schools and daycares, including mine, are being forced to close until May 11th, due to swine flu.

Excuse me... but aren't we in a modernized society with access to healthcare and medications? Is there really a need to be in such a panic and cause so much chaos?

This is craziness. I'd like to ask the county health department, who made this decision, how it plans on providing childcare for the children of all the working parents out there who will have to take off work due to this madness; nevermind pay them back for the missed time!

Seeing as all the sick people will be going to healthcare facilities - shouldn't they close those down too to prevent more of an outbreak amongst the workers there? Seriously. If it's such a threat to have children go to school or daycare, apparently the rest of the world should shut down and we should all crawl into the basement with our nuclear-war rations!

Did anyone listen to President Obama? This is cause for concern... not panic!

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Jennifer said...

I am so glad I don't live where you do. I could bring my kids to work with me, but it would be a nightmare. And I'm like you. How are people going to work? This is exactly the reason they don't want people to panic. That is devastating to the local economy. What a bonehead move.