Monday, April 6, 2009

Sweet Dreams, Old Man

My heart is broken today.

The air carries the smell of fresh dirt as the tears stream down my face to mark the new grave below my feet.

My sweet Toby, my old man.

When you were a puppy, you snored so loudly I couldn't sleep those first few nights. After my mom died, as I lay in bed exhausted from crying, you snuggled your sweet stinky face into my neck as if you knew I needed a hug. You traveled cross-country with us, easily adapting wherever the road took us. You curled around my feet at night when I was up nursing and rocking the baby. You barked at all the neighbors like you were the biggest dog in the world. You made us a family long before the babies came along.
I'll miss you, buddy.

Sweet dreams.


Lori said...

Very Sorry for your loss! Big HUGS!

Buncha Blue-Eyed Monkeys said...

RIP Toby. What a hard day.

Brittany Griffiths said...

Such a heartbreak - I'm so very sorry.

Anonymous said...

Bye bye T...I guess it was time to share you with mom!