Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Last One

Today is the last day I will be the mommy to a one-year-old.


Tomorrow, my baby girl will be two.


I don't remember it hitting me this hard with my first daughter. I guess it was because I knew I was planning on having another baby somewhere down the road so it didn't seem so monumental. But this time, it's my baby. You moms know how it is with your youngest child; no matter how old they get, they're always your baby.

But that big number, that huge number two, makes her seem so... big.

I don't know that I was quite ready for it to come so quickly.

The days may seem long sometimes... but the years are far too short.

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Jennifer said...

I agree. Mine turned one on Friday and it just hit so hard. I'm like, "he's big now" (sobbing). I can already see big boy changes in him.