Monday, April 20, 2009

My husband brought home a tramp...

and what did I do? Take pictures, of course!

The girls were so cute - Big Sis didn't see it at first but Lil Sis sure did. She kept repeating, "I wan dup, "I wan duuuup!"

We made Big Sis try and figure out what her baby sis was saying to figure out the surprise, and finally she looked up and said "She wants to jump!!!"
And so they did.

Now that's the kinda tramp you can bring home to mama!


RazzberryMomma said...

Hehe, great post! Love the pics! My kiddos got a trampoline from santa last Xmas and it's so fun! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog, btw! :o)

Dreams and Designs said...

So cute!!! Looks like fun!! -Beth