Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mama's Rules Gone Awry

If you all remember, Big Sis became the proud owner of a little rat  hamster when she gave up her beloved silky blanket a while back.  True to his nocturnal nature, "Teddy Bear" spent his first nights in our home running incessantly on his wheel, keeping us awake and/or scaring the crap out of us in a quiet house.  So, we did what any good hamster owner would do: we got him a run-about ball, with the notion that maybe he'd wear himself out!

It began innocently enough.  Teddy Bear was enjoying his new toy, just making his way around the house, the sound of plastic echoing on my concrete floors.

I began making dinner and setting the table while the girls played... just another normal night right?

As I made my way to the table with the silverware, I glanced down and caught a glimpse of Teddy Bear in his ball.

Ruh roh.

He was laying on his back, arms and legs flailed out as if they were surrendering, his head turned to the side, his nose a little bloodied.  I picked up the ball to examine him closer, confused as to what was going on with him.  I summoned dh over... "Look at Teddy Bear... what's wrong with him?"  He's just as confused as me.

Then Lil Sis comes over and looks at me with this, just, scared, surprised look on her face.

"Mama, I woll it, mama.  I not frow it!  I woll it!"

Oh.  Friggin.  No.

My rule with balls in the house is that it's okay to roll them, but not throw them (hence, nothing gets broken). 

Let the record show - mama's got a new rule. 

No rolling hamsters in the house.


Jennifer said...


I'm sorry I know it isn't really funny, but I'm laughing my butt off over here.


That poor hamster.

Did you tell Big Sis?

Aunt TT said...

Looks like a trip to Polly's for TT and the girls on Sunday? Poor Teddy Bear :(