Thursday, September 10, 2009

M.I.S.S. You Much

Man, I've missed you guys.

I've missed blogging.

I've missed quiet evenings having time for blogging.

And sewing.

And knitting.

And drinking wine.

Okay - still drinking the wine, but you know where I'm coming from...

I can't wait for things to slow down and return to somewhat normalcy so I may resume my normal scheduled routines! I did venture out to the Yarn Barn in SA, only to find out it wasn't there anymore! A few google searches later and I've found the new location, but think I will just order my yarn online for the Kim Hargreaves sweater. A little yarn and needles would do this girl some good. At least maybe it'd keep me going past 8:30 in the evening...

I hope to be back soon~

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