Saturday, September 19, 2009


It's such a shame how quickly blogging is tossed aside for this crazy thing called life. I'm working on that, trust me.

So, things are settling down a little at work. The final phase of transition is next week (moving things today - yes, on a Saturday), so at least everything and everyone will finally be under one roof. Emotions are settling as well, so a little less of the hair on my neck stands up when I walk in the door.

The weather is cooling off in Texas and we finally got some rain so things outside are greener and less muggy and more pleasant. Hallelujah.

I received my Rowan CashSoft (ebay score!) a couple of days ago and hope to cast on tonight for my Kim Hargreaves sweater. I tell ya, a little knitting will do my soul some good.

So hang around, there should be some picture-laden posts soon and some craftiness going on around here...

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